by - September 28, 2017

Episode one
Life is hard.
Being fat is harder.
Having a fat belly makes life worse.
My name is Nenye; I am a plus size Nigerian female and I’m honored to share my fat struggles with you.
I was supposed to be skinny or that’s what everyone tells me (lol); I was a skinny child but then I fell in love with food (it wasn’t much food I promise you) and I became a fat teenager. I was so skinny, nobody saw the fat coming and now my family and friends have made it a point of duty to always remind me of my sudden walk of shame into the house of fat.  
A very funny incident happened today which is why I have decided to share my fat life with you. I was on my way back to school from home; on getting to my street junction I boarded a public cab, but the cab driver decided he wouldn’t leave until passengers were complete, after five minutes of cooking my ass in this cab, a lady joined us but no one else was forthcoming for another five minutes; I decided to get down because other cabs weren’t waiting for complete passengers before moving on.
I got down and the lady joined me, the cab guy suddenly got mad, “bad belly, nah make you fat” he shouted at me in Nigerian Pidgin, I burst out laughing as I zoomed off in another cab.
He probably meant it as an insult but all I could see was him venting out his frustration by trying to make me feel bad, but alas, I was already used to being called fat, so this stranger’s verbal attack on my body size only had a funny effect on me.
Thinking really hard about this, I’ve come to the realization that people attack another’s body size as a last resort, it’s like the last arsenal used when all other weapons have failed to attack the person.

How do you feel when people use your body size against you?  

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