by - September 28, 2017


I came back home from school and I met my sister’s friends at home, they are all plus size girls and we got talking about general stuff, eventually, the discussion drifted to our body size.
They had recently joined a local fitness club at school, organized by a male classmate and they were trying to convince a friend to join them in working out the next day. She vigorously refused and although they tried to convince her, she still wasn’t buying the idea.
I figured probably she was shy because that’s the major reason why I haven’t started working out yet. I feel like the whole world would be watching me and I might look desperate and outright ridiculous. I know it’s the silliest excuse ever; it’s just my lazy ass and my fear of the unknown that keeps formulating these excuses in my head. Writing about it gives me the courage to face whatever fears I have conjured in my head. So, yes, I’d be joining a local fitness group.
Talking about courage, we also talked about what we would do if we realize our body goals, a girl said she would happily take shots for the gram and Facebook; another said she would always be in a swimsuit and I totally would do all of that too. I’d be taking pictures of my abs all day long, I can’t wait to try out all the clothes I’ve had to ignore all these while (lol).
I’d love to hear from you, do you currently have an exercise regime and if you haven’t started one yet, let us know why. What would you do when you’ve achieved your body goals?
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