by - September 28, 2017


I decided to follow my mum to the market today, we ran into a family friend, after exchanging pleasantries, the lady started complaining about how big her daughter is becoming. It was an awkward situation for me because I knew eventually I’d be dragged into the discussion, so I kept mute and smiled as often as I could, just maybe my mum would forget to mention the fat daughter beside her (lol).
Of course,I had no such luck, my mum immediately made it clear they had mutual problems, and there I stood helplessly in the middle of the market with no place to hide my face. She further complained that whenever she tried talking to her daughter (like talking could make her loss weight) the girl complained her mum was killing her self-esteem; I couldn’t help but burst out in laughter and the lady asked my mum if she was also killing my self-esteem, my mum shrugged in response.
She further stated that her daughter insisted that she had inherited her body size from her mother and there was absolutely nothing she could do about it. I was lost in thought after then and didn’t even know when we said goodbye and moved along. Her statement got me thinking, if fat is hereditary does that mean there is absolutely no way to curb it? I think change can be achieved, irrespective of the situation; especially, if one is determined.  
How do you react when your body size is being discussed amongst family members or friends? I try to laugh it off, even though sometimes it stings.
I’d love to hear from you and don’t forget to tag others, let’s create a community to help and understand ourselves.

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  1. Mehn. When you add much body weight, sometimes, people get the wrong impression about you. An uncle once told me "with dis ur body so, shey u know say u no fit go borrow money". What he actually means is that when you have added much weight,people may find it hard to believe when you tell them you're broke. It's good to maintain a good body shape.