by - September 28, 2017

Happy Wednesday olives and I’m sorry I have kept you all hanging because I haven’t posted anything for a while. I missed you all so much, well now I’m back with so much fire and It only gets better from here on.

Most times after a relationship is over, the ex might come calling back and just maybe you’d feel like giving it a shot, this article is here to tell you why maybe that isn’t a good idea.
The first point is the most obvious; remember you ended that relationship for a reason which might not have been resolved. You parted ways due to irreconcilable differences, so what makes those differences reconcilable now, you can’t just dismiss whatever issues might have caused the breakup; if it was important enough to break up your relationship it should be effectively resolved. It’s not enough that your heart still beats for the person; there are other factors contributing to the success of a relationship other than love. You need to sit down and thrash out the issues.
Secondly, you might always feel some sort of resentment towards your ex especially if you got the bad end of the deal. The breakup might have affected you more due to the circumstances which led to it. This could build to become bitterness, anger and eventually hatred if not dealt with properly. So before you go back to your ex, make sure there are no hard feelings.
Thirdly there is the tendency to always escape issues by breaking up again. Due to the “success” of your last breakup, you might always want to revisit that path, but that isn’t the best mentality. In as much as relationships aren’t a do or die affair, it works better when we give our best. So don’t hop off again because it’s getting rough. If you know you are going to resort to goodbye as soon as things get bumpy don’t bother getting back together.
The fourth thing to consider is that things would never be the same again, there must be changes but not necessarily bad changes, certain situations might go from bad to good or it could be the reverse. The trust level might diminish or increase same as love, care, attention etc. Brace up for whatever change might come to be.
These are the few reasons why going back to your ex might not as smooth as you thought. Until next time Olives.
Love you all, XoXo.

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  1. For me I see no reason why I should get back wit an ex.... Ex stays ex.