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It's the beginning of a new school session and there are freshers pouring into campus, mostly naive and inexperienced, vulnerable and easily intimidated. The good thing is the campus is a good place to learn, shed your naivety and grow some new experience. The bad news is experience isn't a nice teacher, it's always better to learn from someone else's experience, it saves you from getting burnt and a life filled with regrets.
Fuckboys are on the rise in campus, probably because girls are easier to deceive and a lot of freshers are usually young teenagers with little or no real experience.
I'd be giving out some tips on how to avoid falling prey to fuckboys, you should still read my article on the blog on how to identify a fuckboy. It would help as a foundation as this article is an extention of that.
Here are the tips:
A fuckboy knows that you are naive and might fall for perceived glamour, so he does his best to appear glamorous. He invests a lot into packaging himself. He makes sure he looks trendy, takes you on a few fanciful date and most of all he makes sure his apartment is appealing.
I've had several interactions with my male classmates and friends, and they always confess that what usually seals the fuck deal with a fresher is the first date and their apartment. It doesn't really matter whether they are handsome or not, if they save enough to spend on the first date and convince the young girl to visit the apartment for the second date then it's almost a done deal.
Having a really cool apartment finalizes the deal. A cool apartment has to consist of the following:
A.  It has to be a self-contained apartment. This is what every student goes for, it's the normal accommodation setting. If the guy can afford a one bedroom apartment then it's definitely a plus for him, it gives the girl some bragging rights amongst her friends but a public one room apartment is a big no, no fresher would give you another date.
I've always wondered why the apartment setting is such a big deal, until a friend told me most college girls are superficial, more so freshers. It's usually easier to get laid if you offer anything with a semblance to diamond even if you've never seen a diamond before, these girls would fall for any glitter.
B. The apartment must be pimped with the following appliances: a flat screen television, a sound system, a clean looking bed, an air conditioner and a laptop. A male friend once told me that having a laptop stocked with movies is the fastest path to a fresher's pants. Your room must be dopely painted by the way, now you wonder why boys spend so much time pimping their room lol, it's the biggest trap. Having a fridge and a generator is also an A+.
C.  The kitchen is usually stocked with lots of goodies. Most female freshers fall in love with a fuckboys kitchen without even knowing it's also a trap. They kept their kitchen stocked but it's an illusion, give it three weeks and you'd realise he only stocks up when a new girl is coming around; some go as far as not eating anything from their kitchen just to keep it the same way, lol. I haven't really understood how it's possible to fall for a man because of food, when you can always buy yourself that same thing or when you even have more than that in your house, or maybe not.
I think it has to do with the fact that a full kitchen symbolises comfort in a weird way, it gives this assurance that you will never go hungry when with this guy and it somehow cements the notion that he'd make a good provider. So until some womem stop seeing men as a means to providing their basic needs, we would continue to fall prey due to silly factors as these.
it's funny how I gave all my tips under one heading, but I'd just say again that being greedy is the beginning of your fall. A lot of freshers are unnecessarily materialistic and this never leads to anything good. If you are a shallow person you'd eventually attract shallow people with farce values.
It's also very important to understand that as a young lady, being in a relationship isn't a job, so your boyfriend isn't supposed to provide all your needs. You'd just get yourself into trouble with this mentality and continously run with the wrong crowd.
I'd stop here for now loves, be safe.
Olivia Sose.

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