How To Identify A Fuckboy

by - October 05, 2017

1.    Fuck boys lack patience.
A fuck boy believes there are many fishes in the ocean, so he quickly wants to eat up one fish and move to the next, he doesn’t have the time to waste on any girl. He would ask for your contacts so you can move into a more private environment where he can woo you, the smart thing to do is to make sure all conversations remain on Facebook or whatever social site you met. A fuckboy can’t stand this and would soon flee from you but the ones who really care would stay and accept your decision.

2.    Fuck boys feed on your vulnerabilities.
He wants to know what makes you weak so he can jump on it, be smart; don’t reveal so much about yourself especially things that happened during your past relationship. He wants to what your ex did wrong so he can swear by all the gods he isn’t like that. The key is to reveal very little especially your fears and insecurities.

3.    Fuck boys are flatterers.
They call you bae and boo, you are sexier than Venus, you give them fever, malaria etc. and they always want photos, these ones are the most dangerous, fear them I tell you; they usually ask for photos for three reasons:
·       To convince you that they care: Let me see if my baby is okay today, let me see how my boo is looking this evening blah blah blah.
·       To confirm if you are physically endowed.
·       To satisfy their sexual desires till you meet behind closed doors.

4.    Stale the date.
Fuck boys immediately want to meet you, intentionally disappoint him for a date like 3 times and if he still persists then you must plan the date at a Sunday service in the church, he should get to know his creator lol. Only a boy that has true intentions would follow you to your church but some fuck boys don’t fear God oh lol. We’d talk on that later.

These are the four tips that I have but if you have more tips that can help a sister, be sure to put it down in the comment section and don’t forget to share so others can see this. God bless you. 

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