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Hello Olives,
I’m so glad to be writing about this topic; it’s an absolute delight that this niche falls under lifestyle blogging, this makes it an extension of the last blog post. You can click this Link to read it, in case you missed it.
Recently, a friend asked about travel blogging and I decided to do an extensive summary of what this blogging niche is about. This article is dedicated to every wander-lust spirited individual like my friend Kika, who has an intense hunger for traveling and documenting their experiences.

A travel blogger is one who likes to document and share their travel experiences via writing or photography/video either through a blog, a website or any social media platform.
Travel blogging is a demanding job and a travel blogger should possess the following qualities:

A travel blogger must be passionate about traveling.
This is one job which requires passion; you can’t venture into this industry if you don’t have the stomach for adventure and trying out new things. This is why I say travel bloggers are filled with wander lust, they itch to go to new places, discover and experience new cultures.

A travel blogger is open minded and easily adapts to any situation.
You must be open minded as a travel blogger because you’re bound to experience cultures which could be a total opposite of what you know. Being narrow minded is a really dangerous quality for any travel blogger, because it could lead to being judgmental and an opposition to new knowledge. You have to be open minded to learn new things and appreciate them.

A travel blogger should be social.
A travel blogger should naturally be outgoing and friendly. It is very vital that you can easily relate to people especially locals, seeing as they could help as tour guides and give the best advice about a place. An introvert might not excel as a travel blogger because the job demands you explore and mingle and not sit at a place trying to avoid people.

A travel blogger should possess some writing or photography skills.
This is very important for documentation purposes. The essence of discovering new places and experiencing new cultures is to share the knowledge with others, which is why it is important that a travel blogger possesses the skill of writing or photography. Your audience would truly appreciate this skill and so would potential sponsors.

Travel blogging is quite an expensive niche as a result, a lot of travel bloggers seek sponsorship from brand or companies. A lot of travel bloggers get paid and most times this hobby can become a full time job.

I'd stop this blog post here so you can digest all the information provided above but I'd post an update next week on how to attract sponsors and brands for your travel blog, don't forget to subscribe to our mail list for an instant update.

If there are any skills a travel blogger needs that this post has missed, please add them up in the comment section. Happy new month Olives.

Olivia Sose

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