How To Be A Better Lifestyle Blogger

by - November 23, 2017

Hello everyone,
I'd start by apologizing for taking such a long break, I'm back and better.
I'd be sharing few important tips with you on how to top your blogging game.
Being a  blogger is work but being a lifestyle blogger requires much more work and creativity. Unlike gossip bloggers, being a lifestyle blogger requires creativity and originality in keeping your audience constantly engaged.
Lifestyle blogging is a very broad field, it covers everything that has to do everyday life and habits, this includes music, food, books, fashion and style, make up, travel, etc. You can decide to focus on a niche but I bet you if it isn't gossip, news or entertainment, it's falls under the umbrella of lifestyle blogging.
The greatest demand of blogging is content but it's more important in lifestyle blogging because your audience demands original and unique content, which is what made them fall in love with you and your blog in the first place.
As a result, the sin of plagiarism is highly frowned upon in this genre of blogging, you can't get away with the copy and paste habit everyone seems to cultivate these days, especially gossip and news blogs. This makes you lose credibility amongst your blogging peers and even with your audience.
Therefore the greatest demand of lifestyle blogging is original, unique and creative content. Every lifestyle blogger's worry is how to continuously create and develop content which would add value to their audience.
The tips below would open your eyes to ways through which you can constantly create and develop content that your readers would appreciate.

I. Nature / life experiences is your best friend.
Sharing a life experience with your audience is actually the best way to create connective and engaging content for your audience. It isn't just original but it's something they can also relate with on a personal level. This kind of posts also create engagement because they'd love to share their experiences with you. You can decide to talk about an encounter, a new food you tried, a new cosmetic product you got, a new diet. This doesn't mean you're selling out on your privacy, there are experiences you might not want to share because of sensitive information contained but you can always share those which you are comfortable with and would be beneficial to your audience.
Also take a look around you, there are thousands of inspirations which could be developed as content to engage your audience.

2. Be audience/niche conscious
This is self explanatory, whatever you share should be within your niche relevant to your audience. This doesn't mean you can't go outside your field but it's always better you specialize. That solidifies your brand's authority in that particular field.

3. Always share knowledge/ information
Knowledge is power but sharing knowledge is more valuable in our world today.
Whatever content you're sharing should impact value on your audience. They would always come back for more if they never leave your blog without  new information. This could also be an entertaining or funny blog post, they'd come back because at least it made them laugh.
Share value today.

4. Be consistent
This is almost the hardest part about lifestyle blogging; this problem is closely tied with creating content. If you can successfully solve the problem of content creation then you'd be consistent.
I've earlier addressed the issue of content creation so being consistent shouldn't be a problem, if you follow my tips. Always remember that the world itself is an inspiration, you just need to open your eyes to these potentials.
Being consistent is key to blogging, it keeps your brand fresh and constantly in the mind of your audience; the more you push out contents, the more you create a stamp in their minds.
Through consistency, your brand can become a household name.

If you found the tips above helpful, please leave a comment on the blog,  and if you need further help on any issue raised by the post, don't hesitate to leave a message via my email
Thank you,
Olivia Sose.

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  1. These are relevant tips you have addressed for bloggers in general.For consistency, I believe passion is also of importance else one may get distracted.

    1. You're very right, passion is a great factor for consistency.