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 Children are important members of the family and the society at large. Therefore it is no surprise that parents invests their time, resources and life to ensure that these little ones are brought up right and that they enjoy everything which can be comfortably provided within the means of their care takers.
The festive seasons are behind us but there are still more holidays to enjoy. There are several ways to make the holidays pleasurable for children and travelling tops the list.
These are numerous advantages of travelling with your kids, a few includes:

  • Traveling exposes the child to new knowledge. What better way for a child to learn than to experience?  There’s always something new to learn on a trip, especially in areas like culture, religion, education etc. Travelling broadens the child perspective of the world.
  • Traveling acts as a catalyst to unleashing a child’s adventurous spirit. Children are curious beings by nature, they always want to know and it is duty of the parents to teach rightly. The child when exposed to new information is instantly interested and yearns to know all; this is a chief form of learning which should be encouraged. It teaches the child to be bold, adventurous and fearless; which are all good attributes when channeled wisely.
  • Traveling acts as a great form of relaxation for kids. Children also need to rest and unwind after an academic session, relaxing isn’t exclusive for adults. This also ensures that the child is adequately ready for the next academic session.

Having stated some reasons why travelling is more than a fun experience for kids, I’ve also compiled the best traveling advice for parents.
A lot of parents have complained about traveling with their kids, they consider it work and not fun but that shouldn’t be the case, both parents any their kids should have maximum fun when on a vacation. It shouldn’t be a bitter and tiring experience for either group.
Below is a compilation of the best advice when traveling with kids:

  1. Do your homework

Carrying out a background research on your vacation spot is the foremost action any parent/guardian should take especially if it is a first visit. This ensures that important information is discovered and there’s no unpleasant surprise to uncover at arrival. It would be most helpful if the place makes special provisions or entertainment for children, as this makes the vacation fun for everyone. You should search for any reviews about the place, reading the feedback of others who have visited gives you an upper hand, as it helps you adequately prepare for your journey.

2. Be suitcase ready

Your suitcase is a crucial part of your travel. Packing the wrong outfits could ruin your entire vacation experience especially as you’d be travelling with your kids. This is why a background research of the place is important. You have to be armed with such information especially as pertaining to the weather condition or dress custom of the place. This helps you pack only the appropriate outfits to maintain maximum comfort and fun.
Although kids tend to smear their outfits more easily than adults, you can’t pack their whole wardrobes on a vacation; the key is moderation, pack just enough for the duration of time going to be spent, and carry only essentials along.

3. Be travel ready

It is always advisable to book your transportation tickets ahead of time. It doesn’t matter what medium of transportation is being used, if the option of reserving your tickets ahead of the day designated for your travel is available, then do that. This reduces the hassle of long ticket queues on the day of your travel. You can book your  Cheap flights or  Cheap flights to U. S. A

4. Be entertainment ready

During the long hours of travels and even during vacation, children can become restless and crave for attention; this could lead to self negligence as you wouldn’t enjoy your vacation as much as you want. This is why parents are advised to travel with some toys, books or provide some sort of entertainment for their kids. Every child is unique and so is what entertains them, some children can be left alone with their favorite show on a carton network and they wouldn’t budge from their seats; for other kids it could be an illustration book or a motion game. It is up to the parent to provide entertainment according to what catches and sustains the child’s attention.
It is also advisable, that if possible parents can bring their nanny or help along; as they could watch over the children while parents have an alone time. This way everyone’s vacation experience is fun.

5. Be health ready
It is vital that during any vacation, caretakers consciously take care of the health of their wards. Areas like their snack/food choice should be closely watched. Most children love sweets but too much snacking on sugar could cause running stomach and lead to diarrhea. Guardians should instead substitute these artificial sweets and chocolates with fruits and natural drinks/smoothies.
It is also important that any pill taken for a prior illness be carried along; don’t forget inhalers or any important medication presently been administered to the child.
Do not forget that a rest interval is necessary amidst all the activities lined of for the vacation. It is essential that children do not exhaust themselves by involvement in excessive playing and gaming. Regular napping should be included in the lineup of activities.

For more tips, watch this YouTube Video  from Travel Start Nigeria on how best to enjoy  travel with kids.

Have a happy vacation.
Olivia Sose.

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