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Traveling is usually fun especially if one is visiting a new place or revisiting a favorite spot. Traveling can also be difficult with no planning or bad planning. So, before you take that trip, be sure to have adequately planned for it.

Firstly, one has to do a bit of research about the country of destination and also search for places of interest.

Secondly, you have to consider the expenses the trip would cost and make sure your budget has it covered.

Thirdly, one has to secure Cheap flights particularly if one is traveling outside the country. Therefore if you’re travelling to New York from Lagos, it would be in your best interest if you look out specifically for Cheap flights from Lagos to New York .
Assuming you’re traveling within the country and for a short period of time, it is highly advisable that you pack light.

Packing could be one of the most difficult activities prior to traveling and if not done properly could become a major problem.
This article is here to guide on minimal packing, packing wrongly could constitute a traveling hazards.  Below are some tips on how to pack light for traveling:

Choosing the right luggage is the first step. Remember you’re packing light and don’t want the extra baggage. I’d strongly recommend you use your Laptop backpack . Your laptop backpack can also act as a travelling bag. This is because it has several compartments and it can be easily carried around. It also helps you pack only the essentials. You can get affordable strong backpacks in Nigeria .I’d strongly recommend backpacks from Jansport; their products are affordable, strong and have lots of compartments that can contain several items. They also come in different sizes, colors and styles, so you can pick which backpack suits you best.

This is also very important especially as you’re packing light and can’t carry your wardrobe along. You have to choose clothes that you can comfortable walk around in and you can also convert into evening wears, this means that whatever you pick should be suitable for both day and night outings.
It should also be appropriate for cold or warm weather (Your research should include the weather condition of the place). You should also consider packing more clothes that doesn’t show stains, so you don’t look absolutely filthy before the end of your tour. Consciously choose clothes that folds up small, that is, you have to avoid clothes that are too bulky and may take up too much space in your backpack. Watch the video below on how to roll up your clothing efficiently to allow for more space.

The essence of packing light is to avoid carrying extra weight than is necessary. I highly recommend that you bring along only what is absolutely needed. If you’re staying at a hotel, there are basic things you’d be provided with and shouldn’t carry along on your journey. Things like towels, toothbrush, shower gel, shampoo and conditioners etc. you should instead focus on things you can’t absolutely do without, like your underwear, nightwear, body lotion etc.
Footwear is also very important but carry along only what is needed. Whatever you carry along should also be appropriate.

These are the basics of minimalist packing and I hope you find the tips I have compiled useful. If there is any essential tip I skipped or didn’t include, please do mention them in the comment section, I always love to hear your opinions and feedback. If you have more questions about travelling or travel blogging, don’t forget to send me a mail at and I’d definitely reply. Please do share this article with your friends.

Olivia Sose.

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  1. Awesome post

    In minimal packing a cross check should be done And starting the post I think it would have been great to state that folks should create a checklist before packing.

    1. Thanks for the observation. I'd consider that in my next article.

  2. This is indeed helpful. Thanks Emi!!