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Cheating is one of the most popular reasons for breaking up a relationship these days.  As the years goes by, breaking up is becoming nastier. People no longer say their goodbyes nicely; they no longer smile and move out. No one gives you a wrapped present with a purple bow as a breakup present. Violence and death has become a new break up present. It’s usually worse when the reason for break up is cheating, then the revenge game is on a high stake and things get bloody.
I’m here to tell you there are better ways to seek revenge for a cheating spouse than death and violence. Carefully follow and consider any option in the list below:


So your partner cheated on you and you’re hurting but before you lash out and do something you’d regret for the rest of your life, take a deep breath and pause. It’s very important that you don’t react in the heat of the moment because it could get out of hand and amount to something unimaginably bad. Ask yourself if the person is really worth it? Honestly, anyone who would intentionally put you through so much agony isn’t worth throwing away your goodness for.
It’s a very difficult choice but it’s absolutely necessary that you forgive because while trying to hurt them you only hurt yourself more.
The best justice you can achieve at that point is to let go, forgive and literally forget them.
I’m laying so much emphasis on forgetting your ex because a lot of exes are generally slimy people, especially the ones who cheat. You don’t owe your ex any form of maturity and you can decide to be petty as long as it’s good for your health and aids the healing process.
You can block them on all social media networks, block their numbers and totally boycott whatever would initiate contact, except it has to do with money, go get the money. LOL
Yes, you can still have professional dealings with your ex, but make sure there are clearly spelt out boundaries.


Instead of worrying your head about the past, you can create a distraction by focusing on yourself. This is a better activity than constantly asking yourself why you aren’t good enough for a cheat. Are there areas in your life which needs evaluation and improvement? Focus on those areas.
Be sure you aren’t trying to improve because you want to impress your ex or you’re changing so they can accept you back. Improve because you love yourself enough to want to do what’s good for you.


There’s nothing more therapeutically effective for getting over a cheating ex than getting your own paper. There’s an immense satisfaction that comes when you have your own money and can spend it on whatever you want to. Being broke adds to the misery that comes with a broken heart. So if you haven’t got those dollar bills yet, this is the time to strategically pursue and accomplish your goals.
Put all your plans into actions, and convert them to dollar bills. Remember what Queen Bee said “Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper”


Hitting the gym is a better option than hitting anyone. Exercise is good for everyone, regardless of age or body type, everyone needs to exercise. It’s the perfect way to exhume all the pent up energy and anger. It’s even more beneficial because you get to loss the excess weight and remain fit.

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