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The past few weeks have brought a new craze on social media, everyone is talking about the newly released movie Acrimony by Tyler Perry which starred Taraji P. Henson. Acrimony is trending because everyone is trying to apportion blame to either Melinda (Taraji P. Henson) or Robert (Lyrio Bent), the chief characters in the movie. Everyone is asking, who is to blame? Who was wrong? Who was right?

Prior to seeing this movie, I had seen several personal opinions about Acrimony on almost all popular social media networks. Reading these reviews made me angry at Robert, I had read several write-ups where he was solely blamed and called lazy and really bad names. I was already angry on behalf of Melinda because I felt she was a victim of love. But then, I watched the movie and I realized that things aren’t really always as people say they are, that people have a different perspective and that we see things based on how we are. In summary, all I’m saying is that I’ve watched the movie myself and I don’t agree with a lot of opinions I aligned with prior to seeing the movie.

Now to the big question: Who’s to blame in the movie Acrimony, Robert or Melinda?

I’d start by analyzing the character of Robert. The first thing we notice about Robert is that he is a dreamer, and he’s dedicated to his dreams and his dreams alone.  The second thing is that Robert is very manipulative, he manipulated Melinda into getting him his first car, and he manipulated her into paying for his tuition and he also got her to mortgage the house she inherited from her mama just to propel his dream. He was so selfish and everything had to exist in making his dream come true or he didn’t think it useful.

Melinda on her part has severe anger issues, the first time we meet her she’s sassy and continuously hits Robert just because he bumped into her, from that point onwards I knew that was going be her flaw, she’s someone who lashes out without objectivity, she doesn’t process information, she just lashes out.  The first time she caught Robert cheating; she tries to bring down his van and in the process permanently damaged her ovaries. She’s also very vulnerable and gullible, who spends their inheritance money on buying a car for a guy who obviously can’t maintain it. I don’t have a problem with her paying for his tuition but I do have a problem with her indulging in his excesses.
Melissa eventually builds her life around Robert; she drops out of college to work jobs so Robert can chase his dreams. This was her most fatal mistake, you don’t build your life around someone else’s dreams or you’d end up disappointed. Throughout the movie, we didn’t see what Melinda actually wanted to do for herself, she was going to college because her mama wanted her to and then she dropped out when her mama died. She believed so much in Robert’s dream that she also became a dreamer. If she wasn’t so delusional she wouldn’t have reacted the way she did at the end. She was working two jobs while Robert was doing nothing; she worked tirelessly for 18 years to keep his dream alive.

Robert is a man with a one-dimensional brain after he was rejected at jobs because of the felony records he could have gotten other jobs and still pursue his dreams but he was just focused on his dream and I say that is a bad trait. Humans weren’t made for just one thing; we were made to multi-task. And I believe he was that way because Melinda mothered him, she became his provider and never pushed him to fend for himself, when they got separated he was working as a dishwasher because he knew no one would fend for him anymore.
There’s a big lesson here for ladies, you should never start what you can’t finish. Melinda was tired and drained from being the sole provider and support system of the home. You also should never build your life around anyone.  Melinda's greatest aspiration was to see Robert’s dream come through, if she pursued her own goals and dreams with as much commitment as she did for Robert, she would have been at a much better place, both financially and career-wise.  As a human being, one has to have their own passion and chase their own dreams not carrying other people’s cross.

Robert was persistent with his dream, for 18 whole years he kept on sending letters to Prescott & Howard until he got his big break. This is the reason why I know he didn’t fight for their marriage; he threw in the towel quickly. The truth was that Robert loved his dream more than anything else including his marriage because if he loved his marriage half of how he loved his dream, he would have at least taken two years to move on.

Melinda, on the other hand, has a problem with moving on. This is because she had built her life around the dreams of Robert, so when she saw that his dreams had become a reality she felt she was entitled to all the promises he had made to her over the years. Yes, Robert compensated her but compensation wasn’t what she was owed. She was owed all the promises he had made to her over the years and that was to be by his side while enjoying his wealth with him.

Melinda became mad because she couldn’t move on; she didn’t want to accept reality and she became desperate and dangerous. It shows that she was helping Robert not necessarily because she loved him but because she felt one day she was going to get a reward. Another reason that fueled her anger was that it was Diana, maybe if it were another lady she would have found closure and moved on but realizing that Diana was the new woman in his life, was a deal breaker for her.

At the end of the day, I blame Melinda for her misfortune. She was a pushover, an irrational and gullible person. If she could think for herself she would never have been in a deep mess with Robert, the signs were there but she ignored them. she had the choice to move on with the money he had given her and build up herself but no she decided to hold on to something that was already gone.

Have you watched Acrimony? How did you feel after watching the movie? Who do you think is to blame at the end? What lessons did you learn from the movie?
Drop your comments; I’d love to hear your opinions on the movie.

Olivia Sose.

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  1. While I still think Robert was an obnoxious person, and I disagree with whom he later chose to be with and how unremorseful he was, always still saying “I love you and always will.” I think Mel allowed herself every misfortune that came by. Opinions are supposed to be subjective, but you give them an objectivity that naturally shouldn’t exist. Well done Olivia!

    1. When it comes to matters of the heart, it is difficult to pass judgments. While people disapprove of the lady he ended up with...I'll bring your attention to the word 'help meet'..the other lady helped him and he felt what else was he looking for again when she feels the same way about him...it is the same feeling of being helped that he decided to compensate Melinda....you might not agree with me, easy..that why I started with 'matters of the heart are hard to judge'

    2. I also didn't agree with his decision to Marry Diana. She rendered a single helped him in achieving his dreams and he thinks she's the one, forgetting 18 whole years when Melinda had been supporting his dream.
      Thank you for reading.

  2. Great job, I shared the same view. Just to add a line, 'we are all products of our decisions'. If and when we make one, we've got to be ready to accept and live with it. Thanks

  3. Just a little criticism. You made it seem like pursuing one's dream is a "bad trait" like you put it. I'd say he was a go getter, he knew what he wanted. Even when he was offered a huge sum of money, he rejected it because he didn't want his idea and invention to be bought. He didn’t want to be given the fish, we wanted to be let users his net and initiative to catch the fish.

    Aside that, Mel like you said built her life around Robert, and that's a problem and it even happens with women in the present world. It's safe to say she confused Robert loving her with him being in love with her and that was the root of all the problems. To me, her bad decisions led to all that happened and let's not forget Robert came back to beg but she pushed him away.

    This is an awesome review. Keep it up ����

  4. When talking about Matters of the heart we should be very careful and sensitive. You know sorry does a whole lot in a relationship. He didn't come to beg after he signed rat divorce form. You tell me he compensated her and he gave her the mum's house back but I say
    how much can someone be compensated for time lost??
    For years wasted believing in someone even when at some point he stopped believing in him self???
    You gave her life the life you promised her to another woman because she helped you get the dream you always dreamt of?? That was just a destiny helper.
    I am strongly of the opinion that her husband was to blame. Mel held that marriage for long even when her sisters gave her the NO look, she was with her man. Just like a rubber band she got to the elasticity point it was then the time for her man to hold on to it but NO he didn't.

  5. For me i think Robert doesn't really love Melinda as he claimed to. He only loved the fact that she gives him every, so when he found comfort on another arms,he clinged to it knowing what such comfortable could bring. On my own opinion, since he claimed to love Melinda; now that you've made it, it is not a bad thing to go back to you wife knowing that she loves you so much. Where i blamed him the most is the fact that he hid every information from her. If he had only told her earlier enough his connection with the other woman, i think things would have worked differently.

  6. In the fight for love and war, there's no runner up. That was world war three for Melinda. Actually Melinda had never made a decision on her own. She was pushed by her sister to request for a divorce. She had waited and wasted 18 years, why not stay and land crash together but she listened to others opinion because she was indecisive. I blame her sisters that why she brought the check and threw it at them like "look at what you people have made me lose". So she kicked that big dude with a lil dick that doesn't know how to fuck outta her life and went straight to get her man back. Robert was a dream chaser and also a gold digger.

    1. I agree with you to an extent, her sisters were also partially to blame as they criticized every decision she made when it came to Robert and in the end they made her lose out on her promised life

  7. For me I think Robert was to blame, after everything they went through in their 18 year old marriage he gave up easily forgetting everything that happened between Melinda and him. He knew very well that despite Mel's sisters despising him, Mel always supported him because she really did love him at the beginning, then her love for him changed into something that she just had to tolerate. Yes, this was her mistake on her part she could have gotten out but she decided to stay because she still believed in him and indirectly Robert took advantage of it as he could manipulate her into doing things for him like giving him money.
    Back to my point, Robert was to blame because he was quick to forget everything they had been through and especially what Melinda had sacrificed for him, he moved on way too fast which could show that he never really loved her. The most painful thing for Mel was the fact that Robert married the woman with whom he cheated on her with and she got to live Mel's life which she had always been promised. So yeah Mel did have anger issues but Robert drove her to doing those actions in the end.