Life Lessons From Tyler Perry's Acrimony

by - August 22, 2018

Let's talk about the movie Acrimony by Tyler Perry. I don't know how many of you have watched the movie but if you haven't this post would still be beneficial to you.
I'm going to be drawing relationship and life lessons that everyone can apply in their lives from this movie.

1. Do not ignore the red flags.
There are lots of times in a relationship when the red flags are glaring for all to see but we ignore them because we feel they'd change or because they promised never to do it again. You discover that your partner has a flaw that you can't deal with but you continuously tell yourself they'd change after marriage. That's a big lie. Nobody changes after marriage. A lazy person is a lazy person whether married or not. A cheat is cheating and marriage wouldn't change that. We tell ourselves lies and continue to be blind to our partner's fault.
Why do we expect people to change after marriage? You're just building yourself up for a big disappointment if you think putting a ring on their finger suddenly changes who they are. It's either you both decide to work it out and turn a new leaf or you say your goodbyes before things get really bad.
If cheating is a deal breaker for you then don't marry a cheat expecting they'd suddenly become faithful because you exchanged vows. It's either you trash out that flaw or you both go your separate ways.

2. Do not build your life around anyone.
A lot of people especially females abandon their dreams and begin to live with those of their partners. It's like marriage is the ultimate goal and when they're married all they become concerned about is helping their partner achieve his dreams.
I'm not saying helping your partner to achieve his dream is a bad idea but how are you so comfortable in living someone else's dream? How is it possible that you don't have a personal purpose and dream?
What you're doing is putting your happiness in someone else's pocket and tieing your sense of fulfilment to another person and that's very dangerous. If things don't work out the way you've mapped them out, you can become depressed and even go crazy.
Never neglect yourself and your growth while helping another person grow.

3. Do not sow in another's life solely because you want to reap. Do it because you want to.
A lot of people do good to others solely because they want to benefit. They want to be paid back in the same coin. When this is the case and they don't reap from their efforts they become disappointed and tag the other person as ungrateful, they find it so hard to move on. Do good to others because you want to and not because you expect them to pay you back. Your reward might come from somehow else. If they're not grateful for the help you've rendered to them, move on. It doesn't take anything from you. You shouldn't let their gratefulness ruin you, make you bitter and scare you from rendering help to other persons.
Be good for you.

4. Think through every decision.
Some of us are very irrational especially when it comes to decision making. We don't take a pause to think through our decisions. Never make life changing decisions in the heat of the moment. Take a step back and objectively look at things. Don't out of anger or excitement take actions that you would regret for the rest of your life.

5. Assumption is the worst kind of knowledge.
Never assume. Let your knowledge be based on facts and confirmation. I know assumption takes place based on prior knowledge but still take a further step to confirm so you don't assume wrongly.

6. An outside opinion isn't always bad.
I know a lot of people talk about third parties in relationship and how they're bad but that isn't always the case. Sometimes we are so blinded by love and the affection we have our partners that we do not see them as they truly are, we see what we want them to be and that's where a third opinion is important. They aren't in love with our partners and so they can see them objectively for who they really are.
We should also learn to apply wisdom when taking advise from a third party. Even if means objectively scrutinizing what they've said and looking for the best possibly way to apply their advice. At the end of the day the ball is in our court, to listen or not to.

Have you seen the movie Acrimony by Tyler Perry? What lessons did you learn from it? Please share in the comment section.
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