Creative ways Nigerians celebrated Independence Day 2018

by - October 01, 2018

Creative ways Nigerians celebrated Independence Day - 1st October 2018

Today being the 1st day of October 2018 is Nigeria's 58th year as an independent Country. Nigeria, popularly described as the giant of Africa is located in the western part of the continent. Nigeria is a country blessed with mineral resources as well as human resources, the country boasts of over 350 languages and multiple ethnic groups with diverse cultural backgrounds.

Although the country has been recently plagued with terrorism, economic depression, and bloodshed, its citizens still celebrate its Independence day through diverse forms of creativity. They express their love, despair, and hope for their nation, Nigeria.

Image 1 :

We are absolutely in love with these images by popular lifestyle blogger Aderonke Enoabasi Adefalujo. She's an award-winning style influencer with over 199k followers on Instagram. She's also the brain behind Rhonkefella brand on Instagram.
You can learn more about her and follow her on IG using this LINK

Image 2:

We are absolutely in love with these photos because they represent the rich cultural heritage which Nigeria is known for. They have a carnival and celebration feel that we are absolutely vibing along with.

Image 3:

There's something about this dress that screams Nigerian and class which we love. Nigerians are known for their classy and expensive wears at social gatherings and events and this stunner is the perfect attire for any social gathering. It is the perfect outfit for a wedding, naming ceremony, you name it. We love this look and the bold flower on the right shoulder is a shoe stopper.

Image 4:

What is a naija celebration without food? These food images were made with so much creativity. We especially love the first cake photo which recreates a Lagos scene, we love the danfo, the street sign boards. We also love the rice and peppered stew with plenty orishirishi, and the green leaves as a prop just makes the photo pop.
We love!

Image 5:

Lilian Afegba totally killed this look, this photo makes you so thirsty, you're probably thinking of grabbing the cocktail from her hands. Lilian Afegba is an actor, a vlogger, an award winning producer and a fashion influencer with over 110k followers on Instagram. You can connect with her on IG by clicking this LINK

Image 6:

We love these Independence day inspired makeup looks. We gushing over the creativity behind these.

Image 7:

We love this body art and how it embodies the spirit of naija 

Image 8:

 It's time for some hair inspiration. We especially love the second look because she looks like a goddess of lightening. We love the afro centric vibes we are getting off these photos

Image 9:

It's time for babies, there ware just too many baby photos to gush over but we couldn't get over these ones. 

Image 10:

Another body paint photo that we love.

Image 11: 

I like to call these images the flying robes, there were lots of these today but these ones were exceptional and brilliant. We love them.

Image 12:

This image is on a class of it's own, the concept is dope and its message goes beyond the picture itself. We love it.

Image 13: 

Dresses, more dresses and a lot more style.

Image 14:

We are loving the newspaper concept, what about you?

Image 15:

We love this Naija superhero graphic from Ozor Nnaemeka Emmanuel. He's passionate about the arts and specializes in comics, you can connect with him on Instagram by clicking in this LINK

Nigeria is blessed with so many creatives who are passionate about their country and are loyal to their father's land.

We hope you were inspired by this blog post about Nigeria's Independence day, we can't wait for the unleashing of more inspiring concepts next year.

We saved the most popular photo for the last, this image is by Alex Unusual of just concluded Big Brother Naija. It's been trending on several social media platforms, Nigerians love it and we also love it.

Happy Independence Day Nigeria. We love this great nation and we know that soon our troubles would become moments of the past.

Xoxo Olivia Sose.

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  1. Great one. great Nation, Creativity Hub of Africa.. Nigeria we hail thee