The First Step

by - November 21, 2018

The First Step
Lessons from my first gym experience

The starting point is usually the hardest part of anything. It could be writing a novel, starting a business, writing a blog post etc. We are all usually nervous about taking the first step.

I felt the same way when I decided that I needed to change my lifestyle. I wanted to become healthier, more fit and in fact, lose weight. I knew what I wanted but it took a really long time to start.
The truth is until you commit actions towards your goals, they'd never become realities.
I had to take the first step and indeed I took the first step.
In crossing “the first step hurdle” I learned very valuable lessons that I would love to share with you:

1. Do it Afraid
Cliché, isn't it?
But this is the first step in crossing the hurdle. People assume that they have to be confident and super sure before trying out something new but that isn't always necessarily true.
I was afraid of going to the gym because I didn't want anyone to know that I cared about being fat. So I basked in my pretense of being fat and fabulous but honestly, I wasn't loving it.
Other than being fat, I also knew I wasn't healthy or fit, I was in a mess but I was afraid of getting out of the mess even when I knew I had to do something.
It took months of battling with myself before I walked afraid to the gym. Yes, I walked afraid.

I did it afraid.

2. Make do with what you have
Going to the gym required fitness gear and clothing that I didn't have. So what did I do? I borrowed from my cousin. From my running shorts to my running shoes, everything was borrowed.

Yes, you read me right.

The only thing that was mine, was my undies. But I knew if I had encouraged myself to wait until I had bought all my I needed myself, I would never have started on my first day. I would conveniently shift starting to the next week and just keep on procrastinating.

I would be enabling my lazy ass.
Start with what you have, you can utilize what you have until you get what you want. You don't need a laptop to become a blogger, or a YouTuber or an editor.
Start with your smartphone until you get what you want.

Just start.

3. Laugh at yourself.
The moment I walked into the gym I felt like the donut girl. Everyone was in shape and I became intimidated. I still am but am not running away. I'd work on myself until am confident enough to fit in. After my first workout session, I fainted. That was really very embarrassing but I didn't quit, and that really made me laugh, it's a memorable experience that I would always remember.

The same thing applies to the mistakes we make when trying out new things, don't be harsh on yourself because of a mistake.
Laugh and Learn!

I really hope you learned a few things from my experience about taking the first step.
Good luck darlings

And remember, just do it.

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  1. Nice one sis... I can't afford a gym so I downloaded workout videos, I do mine at home everyday. I stopped using I can't afford a gym as an excuse

    1. Great! As long as you remain consistent with your workout regime, you would see results.

  2. Thanks Olivia this was helpful..��

  3. You know, I'm always scared of trying out new things even if I totally want to. I'm always scared of being the odd one, so I just suck it up and try not to think about it. It is absolutely okay to start afraid like you wrote up there. It's not okay to wait for everything to be perfect before starting out, just start now!!!! Great job Olivia, make sure you keep at it.

    1. Yes it is okay to start afraid. Thanks a lot for your encouragement.