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Slaying is like a very tough thing to do these days.
I don't know if this is peculiar to me but whenever I hear the word slay I get so scared. 

Slaying is synonymous to perfection in my dictionary and I am very far from perfect which used to make me think that I could never achieve the tag "slay queen".
Have you ever met a slay queen before? 
Well, of course, you have. They're littered all over Instagram. 

A Slay Queen's bag can fund your yearly accommodation, let's not talk about her weaves, shoes, accessories or her clothing. 

Let's meet Toke Makinwa, a Nigerian businesswoman and owner of the luxury brand Toke Makinwa Luxury.

She is my ideal slay queen, I'm sure you all have your favourite slay queens. I chose her specifically for this post because of her luxury brand.

She currently has two types of luxury bags, the midi and the mini. The midi is big sized while the mini is the smaller version of the midi. 

The mini bags cost N35,000 while the midi bags cost N45,000.
You know the slay is real when she equally has luxury scarves sold on its own to act as an accessory for her luxury bags.

I might not know the cost of the luxury scarves but I can assure you it costs way more than you imagined.

To see more of the baby girl life from Toke Makinwa, you can FOLLOW HER ON INSTAGRAM and also follow her LUXURY BRAND

The big question is can you slay like Toke Makinwa (or whoever your ideal slay queen is) on your budget?

Yes, you can! 
If you follow the five tips I lay out before.
These tips are very practical, realistic and budget friendly.

  • Have A Budget
 This is the first and one of the most important steps. If you want to slay on a budget you need a budget and some slay. 
Coming up with a budget might be a little bit tricky so I'm going to drop some very useful tips.

The first thing you need to do is to consider your income. I mean you are trying to slay on a budget not sink your income, you must always have this at the back of your mind when making purchases. 
You do not have the Toke Makinwa income, so you definitely can't spend N450,000 on a bag.

Always cut your cloth according to the material available. 
The first thing to do after getting your income is to save, after saving then you can spend.
Your saving and spending percentage are going to depend on how much you earn and your general expenses. 
I'm going to write a blog post on how to effectively save very soon, so watch out for that. 

  • Make a List 
After you've successfully saved, you make a list on what to spend the amount that is left on. Making a list is very important as you would be apportioning money to your needs.
Your most important needs should be leading the list while your wants should follow after. 
Do you really need a new pair of black heels?
Can it be purchased next month rather than this month?
These are very important questions you need to ask yourself, always remember that you are trying to slay and not sink.

I'd strongly advise that one should never borrow to slay. Work according to your budget and follow your list judisciously.
Impulsive buying is one of the reasons why people borrow.  I will advise that one should never borrow to slay. Don't sink yourself in debts.

  • Try Thrift shopping
I know you've probably already heard this before but if you know you can't afford to buy clothes at the boutique always, try thrift stores.
Thrift stores usually have very unique items and I'm sure if you take your time to look around, you will find items that suit your look and style. 
The good thing about thrift shopping is that almost everyone can afford them, so you don't have to break the bank especially as you are trying to slay on a budget. 

If you're not trying thrift stores you can also try stores that sell fashionable and trendy items that aren't as expensive as the high-end boutiques or brands. Patronize brands that suit your budget. 

Below are some luxury items that can help move your slaying ministry to the next level, and the good news is that they are super affordable:

You can get these cool cans for N9k
Imagine if you were buying from a brand like Nike or Puma, trainers similar to these could cost you a whopping 64k or more.

Check out these beautiful bags that cost 10K
if you wanted something chic like these from a brand like Dolce & Gabbana, you should be ready to spend at least a million naira. 

Check out these trendy flat fur slides that cost between 5k-6k.
If you were shopping from a brand like Fendi, these could you about N390,000.

In summary shop with brands that fit your budget.

  • Style Your Items 
This is also very important, learn to style your thrift items with other pricy items, that way everything looks well put together.
You can successfully rock a thrift jean and t-shirt with a high-end bag and sneakers. 
Learn to play with your clothing, so that everything looks to die for.
Most importantly wear what suits you and what you are comfortable in.

  • SLAY
This is the last and most important step.
Slay my Olives.
Carry yourself with pride and confidence because you've done so much good with your budget.
Remember that the outfit doesn't make you, you make the outfit.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please drop them in the comment section and I will surely reply.

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Slay my darlings.

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