Brunch is the meal you have in between breakfast and lunch.
It isn’t breakfast neither is it lunch. It is a combination of breakfast and lunch.
Brunch is usually eaten late in the morning.

Personally, I think brunch is the meal you eat in the early hours of the afternoon because you skipped breakfast. Anything you eat between 11 AM to 1:30 PM is brunch. If the meal is after 2 PM then you’re having lunch although you skipped breakfast.

Sundays are usually rice days in Nigerian homes, you are either eating fried rice, jollof rice or rice and stew. It’s still rice. This might not be the practice in your home but it is at mine, and I’m honestly bored with rice. I am tired of eating rice for brunch on Sundays, so I decided to look for more suitable options that can replace rice.

We usually don’t have breakfast on Sundays, because we are so busy preparing for Sunday Service in the mornings. This means skipping breakfast until we are home after service. Sunday service usually closes at 11 AM and then there is Sunday school which lasts until 12 PM. We could get home at about 1 PM. Everyone is tired and hungry and at the same time, rice isn’t an option because it has become a norm.

This blog post is for everyone who is tired after church and is hoping for a quick and delicious brunch that doesn’t include rice.

Below I have listed seven brunch ideas for Sundays that doesn’t include rice:

Eat Out

This is an absolutely amazing idea, there are lots of restaurants and cafes which are usually open on Sundays. Remember you are tired and hungry, eating out would save you a lot of time and there are varieties of delicacies you can choose from the menu that doesn’t include rice.This could also serve as a great opportunity for you and your family to hang out.

  • Buns And Batter

This is a really cool spot in Port Harcourt which opens at 12noon on Sundays. I’ve been there several times and I can recommend their customer services and the quality of their meal. 

You can check them out on Instagram for further information

There are lots of similar places like this in Port Harcourt and am also sure in your city, where you can walk in with your family and have a very nice meal.

  • 2. Order In

This is a great alternative to the first idea. Rather than eating out you can decide to order a meal and have it delivered right to your doorstep.  
If you are in Port Harcourt, there are several food vendors that have the delivery options. 
Tico’s Kitchen is one of Port Harcourt’s biggest food vendors and you can find her on Instagram @ticokitchen

You can follow @pitakwapreneurs on Instagram to find more Port Harcourt food vendors or @foodhubng on Instagram for more food contents in Port Harcourt. 

  • 3. Bole

This is a popular street food that is very easy to get especially if you live in Port Harcourt. 
Bole is roasted plantain which is usually eaten with palm oil stew and roasted yam or potato. Although roasted fish is the most popular protein that accompanies this meal, a lot of people have started having theirs with roasted chicken 
It is very delicious and easy to get and all you have to do is walk down to the Bole woman on your street and grab your lunch. This saves you a lot of time 

  • 4. Beans

This is a great substitute for rice. Although it’s not as quick to prepare as rice, it is highly nutritious and there are several varieties to this meal.You can have beans porridge, rice and beans, beans and ripe plantain porridge, beans and yam/potatoes or even white beans and stew. You can also use any protein of your choice like turkey, fish or chicken while preparing this meal.

  • 5. Eba and Soup

I know this might be unusual but it is a great meal for brunch and this is convenient if you already have soup in the refrigerator, so all you have to do is prepare your Eba and heat your soup. This could take around ten minutes to prepare, very quick and easy. 

  • 6.  Oat/Akamu/Custard

These are quite easy to prepare. Whether you are having oat, pap or custard, whichever you prefer, they usually don’t take so much time to make. They can also be eaten with varieties of snacks like bread, akara, porridge beans, biscuit, moi moi etc. You can also have them alone with fruits like strawberry, banana, almond, as toppings. 

  • 7. Plantain Peppersoup or Yam Peppersoup

This is very easy to make, as quick as pepper soup but you need to cook some unripe plantains(although some individuals prefer ripe plantains, it depends on your preference) or yams with the pepper soup and voila you have your plantain or yam pepper soup. 
If you want me to drop my recipe for either plantain or yam pepper soup, let me know in the comment section and I will do that. 

These are all great alternatives to the regular Sunday rice. If you have more suggestions please let me know in the comment section.
Photo Credit: www.Instagram.com