Nsikak Effiong

We can all agree on the fact that Mark Zuckerberg is a living genius for creating a platform like Facebook but this article isn’t about Mark the Genius, it is about Nsikak Effiong the Genius. 

Nsikak Effiong is a 27-year-old Nigerian from Akwa Ibom state, who joined Facebook in 2010 and has amassed a fellowship of over 19K people.

The beauty of her story is how she successfully built a brand and has become a digital entrepreneur off Facebook. 
Although Facebook is one of the most populous social media networks, entrepreneurs flood to platforms like Instagram to sell because they mostly consider Facebook a difficult market to penetrate. 

Nsikak Effiong started off Facebook as a regular user who decided to share her daily activities and interesting happenings in her life as stories to her audience. 
This attracted the majority of her followers who have now become loyalists.

She’s a foodie who decided to turn her passion into profit using the Facebook platform.

The opportunity presented itself through a Facebook friend who complained about her difficult it was for her prepare her own meals ever since she started living alone. Nsikak Effiong decided to render her help by offering to draft a food timetable that would be convenient and easy to follow and prepare. 

This was the beginning of The Nsikak Effiong’s Food Plan.
Soon after this, various request started pouring in and now she currently has 27 ebooks to her name, all containing diverse food plans to serve different purposes. 

Nsikak Effiong plans on becoming a household name in future and she continues to use her extensive knowledge of foods and fruits to help others with their health challenges.

She intends to take this beyond the walls of social media and is making plans for a one-on-one consultation with clients.

Her food plans have gotten massive feedbacks from clients who have continued to refer family/friends to her business. 

 She has expanded her business beyond the walls of Facebook and has started building up on other social media platforms like INSTAGRAM

You can follow her Facebook Page or her PERSONAL PROFILE on Facebook.

Her greatest challenge so far has been the issue of plagiarism. 
She intends to develop better structures to protect her intellectual property. 

Nsikak Effiong also renders other services via her social media platform. These services include:

  • Nsikak Effiong’s Budget 
  • Nsikak Effiong’s Wallpaper
  • Nsikak Effiong’s Ad 
  • Nsikak Effiong’s Videos 
  • Nsikak Effiong’s Designs 
  • Nsikak Effiong’s Ebook 

She also runs a food agency where she connects her clients with a nutritionist in their city who can help in the preparation of their smoothies or food for an agreed fee. 

She has sold over 500 ebooks and still counting.
So, when next time you think about Facebook and it’s numerous advantages, think about Nsikak Effiong. 

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