Your invitation to wait well in a world obsessed with having everything right now. No one likes to wait. But no matter how hassle-free the world around us has become, some things take time. Still, beginnings are fun – finish lines, thrilling. We love and celebrate those mountaintop moments. Life in the middle, however, is often hard and boring, certainly nothing to celebrate. Yet Sarah has discovered that the best parts of life can actually be those very moments between where we are and where we want to be. Waiting is a vital part of our stories, and what we do with our times of waiting matter. Life isn’t about navigating around seasons of waiting. It is learning to embrace them. We have spent too much time believing that we are waiting because God has forgotten about us. God can teach us what it means to fully trust him with our lives if we are willing. In Now Waiting, Sarah will explain how you can:
-remain confident in the goodness of God when your season of waiting leaves you feeling discouraged, frustrated, and left out of God’s plan;
-embrace seasons of waiting as a time to thrive, not just to endure
-and find hope in the promises of God for today and tomorrow, even when things aren’t going the way you planned.

Stop believing the lie that everyone else is living a better story. Live fully convinced of God’s plans for you, even during your next season of waiting.Β 


Now Waiting by Sarah Johnson is a Christian motivational book that addresses the virtue of patience. The book blurb does a great job at summarizing the content of this book, but let me assure you that you will be getting way more than you bargained for.

I decided that this book was going to be a good read because I lack patience. If I could get a Naira for every time someone told me I lacked patience, I should be pretty rich by now. If you are looking to improve your patience quota then this book is for you.

It’s very funny that for someone who lacks patience, I have a favourite personal quote on the subject, and I would love to share it with you:

Patience is an attitude.

It is the sum total of what you do while waiting.


I discovered this a long time ago, although when it is time to put the quote into practice I always end up flopping. Patience isn’t just waiting but how you wait.

This books helps answer the question of “How do you wait?” and “What do you do while waiting?”

I know that being patient is hard, especially in our world where everything is so fast-paced and “Time waits for no man”. Patience is in fact no longer a virtue, time is money, time is the new currency so waiting has been tagged a waste of time.

As Christians, there are times when we have to wait on the promises of God, there are times when the answer to our prayers is “wait”, the writer shares her experience to help other believers build faith while waiting.

Yes, waiting can be tiring and even frustrating.

Here is the good news! Your waiting is not in vain, and what might feel like a wilderness season doesn’t have to be dry. It can be filled with joy, power, beauty, and miracles.


This isn’t a book about how to navigate the wait but how to make the most of the wait. How to become the person God needs you to be while waiting.

Our waiting is our story, so what we do with our times of waiting matters…On my journey, I have realized that the good stuff, the best parts of our stories, is in the moments between where we are and where we desire to be


The book is filled with several nuggets of wisdom that is beneficial for Christians. I love how the author used personal stories to buttress her points, it made the book so much more fun to read

This isn’t the type of book that you rush through, it is like a desert packed with several flavors, in order to enjoy and savor each flavor, one must chew slowly. This is the also the perfect gift for someone, so don’t just buy a copy for yourself, buy five more and share to those you love.

This is the kind of book that has a permanent space in your library shelf, you should read it again and again, you can never get tired of the lessons it contains.

It is a solid five star and I recommend it to everyone!!!