Guest Post Guidelines

Guest Post Guidelines:
Olivia Sose’s blog is the hub of inspiration and we find pleasure in the knowledge that our blog posts add value to our beautiful Olives.
Our Olives are very special to us. They are black women between the ages of 20 – 60 years, and our goal is to create a community of constant support and inspiration, irrespective of their different backgrounds.
Are you a man or woman?
Can your writing inspire and add value to our Olives?
If yes, you are welcome to submit your work
Submission Guidelines
·       We accept only original articles, creative writings, book reviews/analysis, theatre reviews and real-life experiences.
·       Your submission must not have been published anywhere else.
·       New guest posts are published every Saturdays or Sundays.
·       Any images submitted with guest post must cite the source’s name or link to the source; except owned by the guest writer.
·       Every submission must be sent in doc form to
·       Attach a picture of yourself (preferably a headshot) and links to your social media handles and blog (if any).
·       Include your full name or pen name at the end of the mail.
·       Olivia Sose’s blog reserves the right to edit your headlines, body copy and anything else.
·       Once a piece of writing is submitted, it becomes the property of Olivia Sose’s blog except rejected.
·       An email of acceptance or rejection would be sent from the blog team to you after a week of submission.

Good luck!
We really hope you become a special guest on OSB