As a teenager growing up in Nigeria, I had access to limited black(Nigerian) authored books, my library was filled with mostly European novels of diverse genres. The only Nigerian literature I had were the recommended text for WAEC or the old novels we had access to in the school library.

I and my friends were avid readers so we always exchanged novels, it was an unofficial book club, sometimes we would read in pairs of two especially if the novel was too interesting and the next person couldn’t wait their turn. They were mostly white-authored books.

Some of the novels we read made me very wary of “abroad” especially their horror/mystery books. I couldn’t understand how someone would decide to start killing people because they had red hair or how a man would decide that killing prostitutes gave him fulfillment because his birth mother was a prostitute who abandoned him at an orphanage.

I didn’t understand mental illness because the mentally ill people in my country were running naked on the streets and everyone could easily identify them or so I thought.

It made me scared that a mad man in America could be walking amongst other people undetected.

As long as my teenage mind could understand, America had serial killers and Nigeria didn’t.
No one could kill me in Nigeria because I had a birth mark similar to his ex.

I decided that I was never going to live in America, it was safer for me in Nigeria, where mad people were roaming on the streets minding their business rather than killing people.

I was wrong.

Nigeria is a blood sucking country.

At least if I was killed by a psychopath in America, the police would investigate and justice will prevail.

My killer would not go unpunished.

But in Nigeria, the military are now the killer machines.

The Nigerian military is killing those who they’re supposed to protect simply because the people are asking not to be killed.

How is that the people are protesting against police brutality and extra-judicial killings and they’re being meted with more brutality and killings?

This is definitely worst than be killed by a psychopath.

The Nigerian youths are begging that they want to live, stop robbing and killing us, and all the government did was to chuckle and gift us more death.

I thought only a mad man would target, plan and kill people because of a silly reason.

I thought these kind of mad men do not belong in my country, they were abroad.

I thought wrong because the Nigerian military has proved that they’re deadlier than psychopaths.

And all it takes is an order from Abuja, that’s the only reason for people to be completely wiped off.

Now I know that I would do anything to leave Nigeria.

I’d rather live with the mad men of the West than to be killed by the very people who are supposed to protect me.