Wife Support System By Kathleen Whyman


We’ve got the balance all wrong. Instead of living with our partners, struggling to do everything by ourselves and only seeing each other now and then, we should do it the other way round. We should live together and see them now and then.

Erica knows her suggestion sounds extreme, but when her nanny leaves without notice, she’s extremely desperate. Polly and Louise aren’t convinced, but when circumstances force them to move into Polly’s enormous but run-down house, they have to admit that life’s much easier when the childcare and workload is shared.

At first, communal living seems like the answer to all their prayers – childcare on tap, rotas for cleaning, and someone always available to cook dinner (no more last-minute pizza delivery!). But over time, resentment starts to grow as they judge each other’s parenting styles and bicker over cleaning, cooking and whose turn it is to buy toilet rolls.

And as one woman has her head turned by a handsome colleague, one resorts to spying on her husband and another fights to keep a dark secret, they need each other more than ever. But can Polly, Louise and Erica keep their friendship and relationships strong? Or will their perfect mumtopia fall apart?


PUB DATE: 29 JULY, 2020.


Three wives and five kids, all from different backgrounds and living together under the same roof, for the first time?

This was bound to be a delightful disaster so I knew this book was a must-read. What caught my attention was the book description, I had to know what happened.

I love the character development of this book because we see how each character grows because of the experiences they share with one another. The author uses multiple POV, this provides insights into every character’s thoughts. This also helps the reader understand each character’s action, we walk in their shoes.

You’re going to hate the actions of the characters sometimes, then you forgive them and go back to loving them.

This book explores a lot of themes, like friendship, love, relationships, marriage, motherhood, self-esteem, bullying etc. It also talks about domestic violence and life after DV.

There were some unexpected twist that I didn’t see coming even if the writer left some hints. Brilliant!

Overall I think the purpose of the book was fulfilled because it questions the essence of friendship. If you are 100% certain that you have a firm grasp of this thing called friendship, you might want to read this book for some revaluation.

Another insight I got from this book is that you don’t have to be perfect to be a good mother, It’s actually not possible to be perfect at motherhood, sometimes you need an extra glass of wine or maybe a really deep breathe, It’s all fine. No one is perfect at this.

Perfection isn’t what makes you a good mother.

There is also a healthy place for vulnerability in every relationship, you have to know when to accept help and when to let others in.

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