I walked into the lobby of the hotel with my stomach tied in knots.

I can’t remember how I managed to walk from my cab to the receptionist and even as I asked her for directions to the hotel’s restaurant, I had already started to sweat on my arms.
Yes, I was nervous.

I was meeting Kelvin for the first time and suddenly I felt like I couldn’t do this. I should turn around and go back home but somehow my legs kept walking towards the restaurant.

Then I saw him, he was exactly like in the pictures and video chats but he didn’t smile back at me
when our eyes met. I suddenly heard a loud fart, that couldn’t have possibly been from me, or could it?
I quickly looked around to check if anyone had noticed but luckily no one else was in sight, It wasn’t smelly, but why isn’t Kelvin smiling at me?
I’d tried his phone several times but it wasn’t reachable. Kelvin and I met via Facebook three months ago. It was on a heated comment exchange on one of my controversial posts.
Although he made some reasonable points, I was annoyed he wasn’t on my side of the debate. We soon started exchanging messages and here I am at The Golden Tulip Hotel Port Harcourt
meeting him for the first time. Kelvin has never been to Port Harcourt and I invited him so we could become physically acquainted. He had asked me to be his girlfriend and I wanted to give him my reply while looking into his eyes.
I didn’t understand why I was so nervous but most importantly why was Kelvin acting like he didn’t know me. I mustered up the courage and walked to his table, “Hey stranger” I greeted with a smile on my face. He looked at me quizzically, there was no warmth in his eyes, “Good afternoon”, he replied.
“Kelvin, is there a problem? It’s Rose, why are you acting cold” I couldn’t help but voice out my
concern about his behaviour.

“Ohh” he exclaimed softly. “Please sit down” he ushered me into a seat at the table. Gone was the confusion that previously clouded his looks, now there was an amused smirk etched
on his face. Was I a joke to Kelvin, was this meeting a joke? These thoughts were running through my mind, why was he acting so formal with me? This wasn’t the kind of the first date I was expecting.

“Rose!” I heard someone exclaim from behind me.I turned around and there was Kelvin walking
towards me.

Another Kelvin!

He hurried up to me, pulled me from my seat, and hugged me so tightly, “I take it you’ve met my twin brother” he said.

“Wait, who’s my Kelvin?” I asked as I gently pulled away from his embrace.
They both laughed loudly “I am your Kelvin, that’s André, my twin brother”
I joined them in laughing as I pulled Kelvin into another deep hug.

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